Mentoring and Consulting

Helping you to define, measure and achieve your goals faster.

Part Time CTO

Advising on Technology Strategy and Implementation, in particular for Cloud, AI, Streaming and Automation.

Project Management

Managing teams to develop and deliver on projects, including software development.

Executive Coaching

To achieve the best of yourself, your business and teams you will need some help along the way.

About Me

I am a serial entrepreneur with experience in founding and scaling an international business portfolio and I love to help startups and scale-ups succeed.

I have mentored many businesses and Directors, acted as a board member providing a voice of reason, advised on business strategy and also been a part-time CTO for several businesses to provide the technical strategy and implementation for businesses with and without a CTO.

People describe me as a ‘polymath’ or a ‘Renaissance man’, as my own journey as an entrepreneur has helped me to develop deep expertise across a variety of disciplines. I hope to share my experience so you can learn from both my mistakes and triumphs as a successful entrepreneur.

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“Just wanted to say I really personally appreciate how much you’ve stuck with this and how much you’ve helped get to the bottom of the issues.  I feel it’s much closer, and your emails are so clear, I know that the progress is very much attributable to your effort…Andy, Eric, everyone speaks VERY highly of you, including me.”

“Generally speaking, your contributions to the project and our team thus far have been nothing short of stellar.

“Damon’s service from start to finish has been exemplary and on a professional, knowledgeable, yet friendly level that exceeds others. It was clear that his primary aim was to understand our requirements and satisfy us as a client. The level of customer support has been exceptional, never charging for going that extra mile.

“Thanks Damon. It’s been a pleasure and will certainly be back in touch…will be sure to recommend you to others.”


Career Advice

Helping you to start / grow a career in business and technology.


Helping you to understand company formation options, define your business plan and first steps.


Business planning, funding, skills gap analysis and fulfilment and getting your first customers.


Going for Series A funding, hiring, product development, programme management, achieving the ideal ‘hockey-stick’ growth and international expansion.

Business Experience

Technical Experience


  • Cloud Migration
  • Remote Editing
  • Workflow Design
  • Hybrid and Multi-Cloud
  • Managed Services‌ and Support


  • Business Intelligence
  • Automation
  • News and Social Media Insights
  • Automated Asset Tagging
  • Customer Personality Insights
  • Custom App Development


  • Workflow Analysis
  • Workflow Design
  • Automation
  • Solution Evaluation and Selection
  • Implementation

My Network

Other people I can introduce you to help you on your journey

Over the years I have met some incredibly talented individuals and teams that I can recommend. They have helped me on my successful journey as an entrepreneur and they could help you on yours.

  • Software Design and Development

    I work with app UX Designers, Software Architects and Software Developers to deliver on technical requirements.

  • Legal

    Corporate, Litigation and Intellectual Property Legal Team.

  • Finance and Accounting

    Financial and Tax Advice.

  • Customers

    My businesses already have a network of recurring revenue customers who may be suitable and willing to provide feedback or even buy your products and solutions.

Contact Me

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Let’s have a quick chat to get a better understanding of what you’re hoping to achieve or the problem you are trying to solve and how I may be able to help you.

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Email Me:

Call Me: +44 (0)7824 805228

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